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How Does It Work?

After you enter the URL that you want to test, our server sends three requests to your target URL, with the user agents of DotBot (Open Site Explorer), MJ12bot (Majestic), AhrefsBot (Ahrefs) and SemrushBot (SEMrush). Depending on the HTTP status code that your server returns, we display a message based on that.

Can I do Bulk Checks? Is there API Access?

Not right now, although we may add those options in the future as paid features.

Do you store any data about sites checked?

We do not log any of the domains or URLs that are entered. Each test is run live by our server and no data is stored

It says my site didn't block the bot? How do I fix this?

There are several options, including this guide at Bulk Buy Hosting or plugins like our free Link Silencer plugin.

I have another question

Feel free to tweet us - @LaunchCDN - just remember that it's a free tool, so we're not going to hold your hand on how to use it

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